How do you run effective remote meetings?

How do you run effective remote meetings?

  1. Send an agenda in advance to all who will be taking part in the meeting.

  2. Take time to prepare for the meeting.

  3. Ensure you are familiar with the functionalities of the technology you will be using to run the meeting.

  4. Ensure that your people understand the technologies you will be using and that they know who to talk to if things fall apart or if they struggle.

  5. Ensure that your internet connection is good well before the meeting starts.

  6. Begin the meeting by breaking the ice. Ask attendees how they are or ask them to share any of their positive stories from the past week/days.

  7. At the start of the meeting share the agenda and share the timing (how long you expect the meeting to start)

  8. Remember to keep the meeting as short as possible.

  9. Make sure you are sitting at a place where there is sufficient lighting, not too much light as this can kill engagement.

  10. Do not turn off your camera, you want to keep everyone engaged.

  11. make sure your body language is right because the camera is like a microscope that pics up all your body language.

  12. Sit up straight and always keep looking at your camera. This encourages engagement.

  13. Involve everyone in the meeting by asking questions or asking them to comment.

  14.  At the end of the meeting, ask for feedback on how the meetings can be improved or what people what to talk about in the next meeting or even which technology they want to use in the next meeting.

  15. Always end with a strong call to action. What do you want attendees to do after the meeting? Who is doing what, by when and how etc.

    talk to us using the comment box below. How are you running your remote meetings? What are you doing so well? What are some of the challenges?

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