Financial Solutions

Our purpose is to simplify finance/accounting and tax, giving our clients financial clarity and peace of mind, while gearing them for growth & investment.
We achieve our purpose by giving businesses the best business advisory services, financial systems, Apps and tools in order to achieve this purpose.
Getting to know and understand your business first in order to serve you better
Connecting businesses with finance and accounting technologies
Collaboration through technology
Financial and tax clarity, simplifying accounting and tax for small businesses
Treating business owners with the respect they deserve

Eva Financial Solutions is a one-stop outsourced financial management and business advisory firm.

Our vision is to a help businesses navigate through the fourth industrial revolution by identifying and implementing the best

finance tools, systems and Apps that help business to become more efficient, thereby giving the business owners more time to focus on what they do best.  

We implement the best cloud based accounting, financial and payroll systems. Our aim is to provide a foundation for decision making, businesses’ compliance, reporting, accountancy and tax needs. We believe cloud accounting is the foundation for business advisory services that we can offer, without which there can not be informed and accurate business decisions. 

We also cater for individuals in business and we handle their complex and non-complex tax returns. You can put your trust in us as we have a team of talented and passionate qualified professionals who can handle all your needs. We are committed to providing a high level of service and expertise at a competitive price.

Eva Financial Solutions, we deliver what we promise!


Understanding the problem:

As a starting point, we meet with you to find out about your business and personal goals and to get an understanding of the problem you wish to solve. This is an important meeting as it allows us to find a perfect way to solving your problems and helping you realise your goals.


We take away the information gathered in our first meeting. We use this information to create a plan/advice that helps you solve the problem and/or enables you to make a more informed decision.

Discuss the advice:

We conduct another meeting with you, this time to discuss our findings and recommendations. Further questions may arise out of this process. If they do, we may need more time to resolve this. As a result, a fourth meeting may be set to resolve the outstanding issues.

Live your life:

With your problems solved or with you now armed with information to make more informed decisions. You can now spend time on implementing the recommendations, growing your business or doing the things you love to do. If you need an accountability partner, we will stay in touch as your business changes.

Our Services

Financial systems and business Apps, Business Advisory, Financial Dashboards, Investor readiness, Compliance, Bookkeeping

Financial systems & Business Apps

  • Financial Systems needs analysis
  • Recommending systems and Apps to fix the gaps identified
  • Implementing and training on implemented systems and Apps
  • Business Apps integration with Xero
  • Xero implementation
  • Xero training
  • Conversions to Xero
  • Xero plugins
  • Business Apps
  • Excel training
  • Sage One training
  • Quickbooks training


  • Cash flow management
  • Forecasting
  • Management reporting
  • Tax optimisation
  • Dividends advice
  • Budgeting and
  • Financial planning/advisory
  • Audit assurance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Intelligence & Automation
  • Strategic support 
  • Dividends Advice 
  • Funding assistance 
  • Bond assistance 
  • Process reviews 
  • Investor readiness
  • Income tax Disputes, and objections, and appeals

Financial records health dashboard

  • Accounting data sweep through business financial records
  • Identifying gaps and problems in financial records
  • Recommending fixes
  • Fixing these

Investment readiness

  • Business valuations
  • GAP analysis
  • Data room construction
  • Bond applications
  • Bond Application Income letters
  • Financial projections (P & L, Balance sheet, Cash flow statements)

Heartbeat sessions

  • Periodic check in with business owners (weekly/monthly or as desired)
  • Problem solving sessions
  • Client dedicated slot on our calendar
  • Financial Systems support

Compliance, Tax & VAT

  • VAT optimisation
  • VAT submissions 
  • Income tax and provisional tax for property owners
  • Income tax for individuals
  • Company tax returns 
  • Dividends tax returns
  • Payroll 
  • PAYE (EMP201) submissions 
  • EMP501 (employer reconciliations) 


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