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We are in the business of helping businesses find the best business Apps and tools ranging from communication, productivity tools, inventory tools, point of sales and plugins to Xero or Sage One.


We live in a world where technological changes are now at a very fast pace. Businesses have to adapt or risk being left out. Business Intelligence and Automation are key to achieving certain effectiveness and efficiencies. This, in turn, allows businesses to focus more on what they do best.

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  • Contact us using the contact form below or using this link
  • Tell us about your business and the problem you are trying to Solve
  • We will schedule a call/meeting to understand the problem a bit more.
  • You buy a systems product, where you pay a small consulting, training and implementation fee
  • We implement the Apps and training you on using them.

Our process:

  • We perform a thorough needs analysis of the current systems. This is aimed at identifying any gaps in the existing systems
  • Based on the results from the needs and gaps analysis, we then recommend systems upgrades and where needed implement these upgrades
  • Lastly, we then provide training and support for the new systems and upgrades.
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