Xero’s new invoicing; what are the changes?

About a month ago, Xero introduced their new invoicing template. Having used it in the past week or two, I would like to take a closer look at this new template. The aim is to provide feedback on it and why I think it is a cool feature.

What did the old template look like?

The old Xero invoicing looked something like this:

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Although the old invoicing template got the job done, there were just a few things missing to make it more interactive, efficient and intuitive. There are certain processes that the old system did not quite automate, which meant that the invoicing process took slightly longer and frustrating.

The new invoicing experience:

The new invoicing template makes like a lot easier for business owners and accountants. This is because of a few new cool features it brings:

  • Auto save invoices. With the old invoicing, you had to click save for you to be able to save the invoice. The new system gets rid of this and autosaves as you run the invoice. You will no longer have to worry about losing an unsaved invoice or hitting the save button.
  • Automatic coding suggestions. With the previous invoicing, if one needed to use the same fields as the last invoice, one would need to copy the previous invoice and do a few edits. This is no longer the case. Xero now uses auto coding suggestions based on past entries. This means that you do not need to copy a previous invoice at all. Just start a new invoice. The minute you enter an existing contact, Xero remember the last currency used to send invoices. When you start entering an item/product, Xero will remember the accounts and tax rates applied previously. This now means you will spend less time cleaning up accounts for misallocated items.
  • Added flexibility: With the new invoicing, you can show or hide entry fields depending on the required level of complexity when processing an invoice.
  • Add contacts without leaving the invoice screen: You can now add a new contact without leaving the invoice screen, like you would in other systems. This saves you a great deal of energy and time.

How to access the new invoicing tool:

Go to your regular invoicing page/screen, once there (and if you scroll down slightly), you will notice where it says, “Switch to new invoicing.” Use that to get the new cool invoicing tool.

Do you feel like you could switch and make use of Xero? Do you feel like you need training on how to use Xero?

Get in touch!

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