Personal data room/Lifebook

Your personal data room is a place where you keep all your important documents, whether online or in a physical file. This is important because:


  • You will have all your important documents in one place
  • You will make and have a one pager document with all your your investments, bank account details, policy providers and account numbers.
  • In cases of emergencies, you will not have to run around to get your documents when (e.g. applying for finance or other life essential requirements). Also, remember some bankers love dealing with organised people
  • It will make it easier for your loved ones once you are no longer there
  • Going through this process may help you discover policies, bank accounts or investments that you had forgotten about
  • You may also discover credit card or retail shops’ card that you no longer use but where you are still be charged certainfees. You will have an opportunity to destroy these cards and close all accounts that you no longer use.
  • Going through you bank statements may help you identify unauthorised transactions. This will help you save and cut unnecessary costs.


Your personal data room should include:
  • Your latest bank statements
  • Your latest payslip
  • Certified copies of your passport, permit and/or ID documents
  • Certified copies of your birth certificates
  • Medical records for your self and your dependents
  • Your latest income tax assessment
  • Your latest statement of assets and liabilities
  • Investment and insurance policies
  • If you run a business, your latest financial statements
  • Title deeds and registration documents for your vehicles
  • Wills and testaments

I hope you will find this useful.


Acknowledgment – encamoneymatters

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