Welcome to our FAQ page answering valuable Questions.

Eva Financial Solutions is here to help individuals to submit their tax returns and business owners to understand the numbers behind their business. Think of us as your virtual finance manager or CFO.

Your ordinary accountant is happy if compliance is up to date and no taxes need submission.
We are not compliance based. We want businesses to grow. We are happy if:

A business has all the tools it need to successfully report, understand their bottom line, invest and grow.

A business has all the tools it need to project cash flow, and have accurate management reports on which decisions can be based .

A business understands how much their business is worth and has performed a gap analysis and has understood the gaps that need to be closed in order to become investor friendly or generally less risky to investors .

Is the business process efficient and automated enough to achieve desired effectiveness. .

Are the business books are up to date on a daily, weekly or monthly basis .

Business owners understand why they need to pay themselves a salary and when we help them with their applications to buy that first, second, third…property.

Businesses have effective cloud based accounting, inventory, payroll systems.

We give each business a dedicated time in the week where we just attend to the affairs of their business. Obviously, anything urgent is addressed as it comes as long as it is clearly defined as urgent.

We give each business a monthly meeting to discuss their accounts and business affairs.

Our head office is in Cape Town. We have another office in Zimbabwe and Johannesburg. But, we have clients all over South Africa. How are we able to do this?

We make use of cloud based technologies for accounting, inventory and payroll. This means we are able to access accounting records for any client on the cloud anywhere in the country. Tax returns are also done on eFiling, which can also be accessed from anywhere in the country.

We still have face to face meetings with all our clients using the latest video technologies like Skype, Google Meets. And yes, we are also on WhatsApp.

We are a team of professional CAs, and each one of us is a certified commissioner of oaths.

No matter where you are in the country, we are able to register a company for you. All you need to do is complete the information form found on our products page, return the form to us plus proof of payment. Within two to three weeks, your company will be registered and you will also get a free Income Tax number, PAYE registration and BBBEE affidavit if this is also needed.

Most of our members are Chartered Accountants (SA), belonging to SAICA – South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

A travel agency company in Cape Town contracted us to move them over to a cloud financial system from a completely manual system. They had captured two financial years on their manual systems, including Excel spreadsheet. We were engaged to automate their system and to produce those two years financial statements and to submit the tax returns for these two year. The results were amazing!


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