WHAT IS BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY?  Blockchain technology was initially developed by a person or group of people who called themselves Satoshi Nakamoto. This technology was initially developed for the digital currency called Bitcoin.  I do not believe that every one of us should learn to code. We just need an understanding of how things work or […]


This could be the number one reason why we can’t grow our business, we don’t have time to grow our businesses. We are often caught up in working in our businesses as opposed to working on our businesses.  What is working IN your business?  You are working in your business if you are:  Client facing, […]

Can technology give businesses a strategic competitive advantage?

The world is changing and technology is slowly taking over. Does technology give you a competitive edge over other businesses? For us to answer the question, we need to understand a few terms first:  What is strategy?  The Wharton school defines strategy as “a set of actions and tactics to answer a series of questions…” […]


Technology is taking over some routine tax and accounting tasks. This means accountants now need to make the move to trusted business advisors. William Reeb and Dominic Cingoranelli asked an important question in their book Becoming a trusted business advisor: how to add value, improve client loyalty, and increase profits, namely if accountants can name the […]

Why is business record keeping important?

Like the personal data room, businesses also need a data room where you keep important records for your business. A company’s data room is significant, especially in as far as funding, investments, mergers and acquisitions are concerned. This is important because:  It saves you time if you are to talk to investors for financial injection […]

Why is personal record keeping important?

Is tax worrying you? May be we can help

Your personal data room is a place where you keep all your important documents, whether online or in a physical file. But since we are talking technology here, let’s stick to online storage because this gives you access benefits over the manual systems. I use my paid Google Drive for this purpose. You can choose […]

Digital marketing assets for your business

WEBSITES:  What should a website do for you?  Some websites are designed to provide information to users. But, for most businesses websites are a tool that generates sales (leads) for that particular business. That is exactly what a business website should be doing for you, generate leads. If your website is not generating leads for […]

Should your business invest in digital marketing?

It is important to understand your target audience (customer) because this is what will make your Ads successful. You will get good impressions, clicks and conversations. Conversions are what you really want to aim for. A conversation is when a potential customer becomes a paying customer.