Can I deduct home office expenses?

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These days the work culture has changed. Since lockdown was introduced. Some companies had to close shop and some employees were required to work from home. Also and in general, the world is changing and so is the way people work and interact. Many people, like myself, prefer working from home. Working from home has […]

Is rental income taxable in South Africa?

What is rental income?  Rental income arises when one rents out a portion of their home or when they entirely rent out their property (residential accommodation) and they receive rental income for this property or portion of it. Rental income can include:  Holiday homes  Air BnB  Bed and breakfast establishments  Guesthouses  Renting a section of […]

When can I submit my SARS tax return?

Tax evasion is a crime which can see you spend a few of your days in prison. We are talking about a possible 5 years in prison. That is quite serious!  When does the 2020 tax season begin?  Due to Covid-19, the tax season will be shorter than normal. Normally, the tax season starts around […]

Tax relief measure that can help small businesses during coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Broadly, the tax relief measures were as follows: 1.     The introduction of a tax subsidy to employers of up to R500 per month for the next four months for those private-sector employees earning below R6,500 under the Employment Tax Incentive. This will help over 4 million workers; 2.     The South African Revenue Service to accelerate the payment […]

Coronavirus lockdown South Africa, a country at war in peaceful times

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As of today, South Africa reported that confirmed cases of Coronavirus have risen sharply over the last few days. As a result, tonight, 23 March 2020, the president announced further measures aimed at containing and managing the spread of the deadly virus. From midnight 26 March until midnight 16 April, the country will be under […]

Small business Coronavirus survival guide

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Coronavirus has taken over the world and the number of infections and deaths are increasing by the day. Some businesses have been affected too, from staff working from home to complete shutdown or a shift in working hours. Ramaphosa is set to announce measure his government are likely to implement to help businesses. But while […]

2020 Budget, what in it for you and your business?

Most of us understand the traditional concept of hunting and farming. It says one cannot eat what they did not kill or plant. But, if one does not hunt or plant, then they would have to borrow from those that did. And if they are to borrow from a skilled hunter/farmer, they might even pay […]